Charis Ecklmeyer
Charis Eckelmeyer Director of Practice Management

Charis is Director of Practice Management at OnPoint Wealth Partners. She began working in administration in the financial and insurance services business in 2002 as part of Client Services.

Her efforts are focused primarily on defining, implementing, and revising operational policies and guidelines, building out the organization’s daily business activities, and supporting planners and staff in building personal relationships with clients. She is passionate about overseeing the efforts of client support services and finding ways to ensure daily operations run smoothly and efficiently. Charis studied Architecture and Computer Aided Drafting and Design in school and currently holds her Life, Health, and Annuity license.

Born in Cleveland and raised in Strongsville Ohio, Charis lives in North Ridgeville with her family. They enjoy adventurous road trips, home remodeling projects, and developing their faith alongside their local Congregation and Family.